Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Beginning

Moving to Portland, Oregon back last October was an exhilarating opportunity, but also an enormous challenge. When my fiance, Chris, saw an opening on the West Coast with his tech company, we decided that the change in scenery and lifestyle would be worth me leaving my job in travel, and trying something new. Over the past six months I have done a lot of soul searching and job searching to try and find out what new path I wanted to pursue in life. If it were ten years earlier I have the feeling I would choose now to be in Graduate school or pursuing another 9-5 job, but the truth is that opportunities and advanced degrees aren't what they used to be.

Now a few years after I graduated college I realized that a degree in Liberal Arts did not set me up for success like I envisioned. It taught me how to learn, how to reason, and now the rest is up to me. With my 25th birthday looming ahead of me in just a few weeks, I realize now I still have a long road ahead of me that will have its share of sacrifice and hard work. I don't fancy spending the next few years working on and off jobs, or getting another degree which would saddle me with debt for the next twenty years...I want to build my future now and put my efforts toward something that is mine.

So today I have reached a decision. I want to start my own business. Combining several things I love, baking, science fiction, fantasy, and baking!

As a way to encourage my efforts, I decided that I will jump on the blogging bandwagon, and share my experiences and experimentation with anyone who shares similar eccentricities, or has some free time on their hands. I also want to encourage people my own age to start small businesses of their own, and learn from my attempt.

While I am currently in an apartment with a tiny kitchen, I plan to spend the next few months baking up a storm, developing recipes and ideas that represent shows, books, and games that I grew up loving. I also want to focus on finding old recipes and remaking them to be healthier. What could be better than amazing cookies that look like Yoda and are good for you?!

So follow me as the journey begins, along the bakery road paved with Gingerbread Gremlins, Wookie Cookies, and Mario Mushroom Muffins!